Photography Business: 164 Videos

Portrait Photography: Business PortraitsRobert Vanelli
Running a Photography Business: The BasicsSkip Cohen
Running a Photography Business: IntermediateSkip Cohen
Running a Photography Business: AdvancedSkip Cohen
Flash Course:Lifestyle PhotoshootHenry Nathan
On Location: Working With A DancerJoe McNally
On Location: Setting Up the ShotJoe McNally
On Location: Getting The ShotJoe McNally
Dealing with Challenges On SetJoe McNally
On Location: Different SetupsJoe McNally
On Location: Postproduction and AestheticsJoe McNally
Introduction to ContractsSeth Polansky
NonDisclosure Agreements (NDA's)Seth Polansky
Work for Hire & Contractor AgreementsSeth Polansky
Proposals, Quotes and SOWSeth Polansky
Licensing AgreementsSeth Polansky
The Most Important Parts of Any ContractSeth Polansky
Target DemographicsSkip Cohen
Understanding Your Target AudienceSkip Cohen
What Are Your REAL Costs?Skip Cohen
What Are You Going to Offer?Skip Cohen
PricingSkip Cohen
Working with SuppliersSkip Cohen
Creating Added ValueSkip Cohen
Your CostsSkip Cohen
When Things Don't Go As PlannedSkip Cohen
Sports Portraits: Understanding TalentRobert Vanelli
Sports Portraits: Shooting on LocationRobert Vanelli
Sports Portraits: Working with TalentRobert Vanelli
Import & Organize the PortraitsRobert Vanelli
Post Processing the PortraitsRobert Vanelli
Post Processing Game ShotsRobert Vanelli

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