1. Why Do We Calibrate?

Instructor Kevin Ames

1. Why Do We Calibrate?
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Before you print your images, you need to calibrate your printer. This can be an in-depth process, but it ensures that your images look the way you intended. Why else is calibration important? In this video, join instructor Kevin Ames as he walks you through the reasons for why calibrating your photo printer is important.


1. Why Do We Calibrate? 1:37
2. Printing Out Patches 4:12
3. Reading Patches 8:41
4. Saving Your Profile 2:56
5. Applying a Custom Printing Profile in Photoshop 2:48
6. Printing with a Manufacturer's Profile in Photoshop 2:17
7. Applying a Custom Printing Profile in Lightroom 2:51
8. Working with a Printing Lab 2:16
9. Add ICC Profile 3:02
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Kevin Ames
Kevin has served on and as Co-Chairman of the Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) Digital Imaging Committee. He is a Craftsman, a Certified Professional Photographer, and an Approved Photographic Instructor. These degrees are from from PPA. Currently he is a member of the board of directors of the American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP) Atlanta / Southeast chapter.