8. Working with a Printing Lab

Instructor Kevin Ames

8. Working with a Printing Lab
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Having a printer on hand to make prints of your images is great. However, what do you do if you prefer working with a printing lab, might not be in the position to buy a printer, or even don’t have the time to set up a printer? In this video, instructor Kevin Ames walks you through how to work with a printing lab.


1. Why Do We Calibrate? 1:37
2. Printing Out Patches 4:12
3. Reading Patches 8:41
4. Saving Your Profile 2:56
5. Applying a Custom Printing Profile in Photoshop 2:48
6. Printing with a Manufacturer's Profile in Photoshop 2:17
7. Applying a Custom Printing Profile in Lightroom 2:51
8. Working with a Printing Lab 2:16
9. Add ICC Profile 3:02
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Kevin Ames
Kevin has served on and as Co-Chairman of the Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) Digital Imaging Committee. He is a Craftsman, a Certified Professional Photographer, and an Approved Photographic Instructor. These degrees are from from PPA. Currently he is a member of the board of directors of the American Society of Media Professionals (ASMP) Atlanta / Southeast chapter.