1. Welcome

Instructor Skip Cohen


Have you ever considered going out and becoming a freelance photographer? This class is the first in a series about getting started as a professional photographer. Here, instructor Skip Cohen will help you to develop a business plan, starting with the right skill set to match the photo specialty being targeted. This video is available for FREE. Upgrade now and access all the classes. Anytime. Anywhere.


1. Welcome 3:38
2. The Skills You Need to be Working on to Get the Most Out of this Course 4:22
3. What Made You Decide to be a Professional Photographer 2:01
4. About Skip 3:32
5. The Hierarchy of Why People Hire a Professional Photographer 4:30
6. Gauging Your Commitment 4:04
7. Your Core Specialty for the Foundation of Your Business 5:15
8. Defining the Specialties in Professional Photography 5:41
9. Degree of Difficulty in Getting Started in Each Specialty 4:50
10. How to Research & Learn More About Each Specialty 6:01
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Skip Cohen
Skip Cohen is president of Marketing Essentials International, a consulting firm specializing in photography projects. He is past president of Rangefinder Publishing Inc., where he oversaw Rangefinder and AfterCapture magazines, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), and the WPPI Conference + Expo.