1. Postproduction Approach

Instructor Joe McNally

1. Postproduction Approach
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Would you like to go on set with a working photographer? You’ll see all the moving parts, from concept to the finished file. Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer whose successful career has spanned more than 30 years and included assignments in over 60 countries. McNally is often described as a generalist because of his extraordinary ability to execute a wide range of assignment work.


1. Postproduction Approach 2:06
2. Trying New Things 2:36
3. Balancing the Technical and the Aesthetics 2:07
4. Experience Across Genres 1:56
5. Lessons Learned 2:26
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Joe McNally
Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer whose prolific career includes assignments in nearly 70 countries. McNally is known world-wide as not only one of the top, technically excellent photographers of his generation, but his charming demeanor, confidence and humor make him a sought-after choice from CEO’s to celebrities to commercial and magazine clients alike. He is among the rare breed of photographer who has bridged the world between photojournalism and advertising, amassing an impressive commercial and advertising client list including FedEx, Sony, ESPN, Adidas and many more.