11. Advanced Post-Production Techniques

Instructor Keith Kiska

11. Advanced Post-Production Techniques
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What can make a timelapse video even more dramatic? Camera moves. By moving the camera between each exposure, you can include an additional element of dynamism to a timelapse video.

 In this course, author Rich Harrington is joined by timelapse video expert Keith Kiska. Together, they explore the hardware, software, and creative decisions involved in creating moving timelapses, while on location in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rich and Keith detail the types of motion that you can add to a timelapse video, from basic movement of the camera to left-to-right, sliding, and two- or three-axis movements with high-end, motorized rigs. They also demonstrate hardware add-ons in a variety of price ranges, and show the post-production techniques that yield the highest quality.


1. Welcome 1:25
2. What You Should Know & Location 1:21
3. Understanding Motion 8:32
4. Weather & the Elements 7:00
5.Essential Gear 14:42
6. Essentials of Motion: Low Tech 14:39
7. Motion on a Budget 14:54
8. Advanced Motion 7:25
9. Hyperlapse 34:05
10. Field Recap 21:03
11. Advanced Post-Production Techniques 51:02
12. Conclusion 3:31
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Keith Kiska
Keith Kiska is the owner and creative director of Kiska Media, a video production company specializing in corporate video and time-lapse photography. He has been responsible for producing state of the art videos and other marketing materials for clients ranging from Fortune 500 Business to venture-backed startups. With over ten years of experience, he has been recognized as a decisive leader, highly organized producer, and an excellent team player with a refined creative eye. Keith is also an awarded cinematographer, photographer, producer, director, motion graphics artist, and motion time-lapse professional. As a Lynda Author, Keith hosts online classes as an expert in the field of photography and time-lapse photography. He currently holds a BFA in Digital Media Production and lives in the Washington D.C. area.