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Instructor Abba Shapiro


In this course, Abba Shapiro walks you through a variety of essential accessories and tools you need to get the shot. Learn how to use light stands and mounting brackets, flags and reflectors, clamps, multitools, and more. Professional photographers rely on accessories to help them get their shots. This course will cover the gear you need, whether you're shooting in the studio or on location, to create your perfect grip kit. This video is available for FREE. Upgrade now and access all the classes. Anytime. Anywhere.


1. Welcome 00:48
2. Who this Course is For 00:43
3. What is Grip Gear & Why is it Called That? 1:13
4. What is a Grip Kit? 1:03
5. How to Organize & Transport All This Stuff 2:38
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Abba Shapiro
Abba Shapiro is an Adobe master trainer, certifying university and training center instructors to teach Adobe Premiere Pro. He is also a master trainer in several non-Adobe video production tools and has helped editors migrate to the Adobe platform. With 30 years of experience in video and film production, Abba has worked for a wide range of commercial, corporate and federal clients, including: USA Today, NASCAR, The Associated Press, NASA, Univision, Major League Baseball, Showtime, Viacom, The Discovery Channel, and CNN.