1. Welcome To Shooting The California Mobius Arch

Instructor Keith Kiska


Do you have a trip coming up? And do you like to take photos? In this course, instructor Keith Kiska explores all of the challenges that you come across when shooting in these exotic locations. He shows you how to get there, what gear you’ll need and potential challenges that you might face when capture the image you want. This video is available for FREE. Upgrade now and access all the classes. Anytime. Anywhere.


1. Welcome To Shooting The California Mobius Arch 00:40
2. An Overview Of The Location 00:51
3. Essential Gear 3:25
4. Getting the shot: Panoramas 3:10
5. Getting the shot: Following the light 3:22
6. Getting the shot: Night photography 4:02
7. Developing the shot in Camera Raw 3:33
8. Developing the shot in Camera Raw 4:09
9. Developing the shot: Following the light 3:54
10. Developing the shot: Night photography 2:54
11. Lessons learned 1:53
12. Next Steps 0:26
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Keith Kiska
Keith Kiska is the owner and creative director of Kiska Media, a video production company specializing in corporate video and time-lapse photography. He has been responsible for producing state of the art videos and other marketing materials for clients ranging from Fortune 500 Business to venture-backed startups. With over ten years of experience, he has been recognized as a decisive leader, highly organized producer, and an excellent team player with a refined creative eye. Keith is also an awarded cinematographer, photographer, producer, director, motion graphics artist, and motion time-lapse professional. As a Lynda Author, Keith hosts online classes as an expert in the field of photography and time-lapse photography. He currently holds a BFA in Digital Media Production and lives in the Washington D.C. area.