9. Post-processing Techniques in Lightroom Classic

Instructor Robert Vanelli

9. Post-processing Techniques in Lightroom Classic
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From lighting to posing to post-processing, learn how to create business portraits with a modern, professional look. This course focuses on how to light, shoot, and edit corporate portraits—both traditional headshots and environment portraits—for a single client or an entire office. Robert Vanelli goes through scouting locations and choosing the right environment for a client, building a portable studio, and using lighting and posing techniques that start with just one light. He also covers editing portraits in Lightroom, making adjustments that retain the subject's character while smoothing away minor flaws. Using these tips, you'll be able to produce professional portraits that help your clients convey a sense of trust, confidence, and personality.


1. Welcome 1:13
2. What You Should Know Before Watching this Course 0:32
3. What Gear Do You Need To Shoot? 6:30
4. Determining the Shooting Environment 3:33
5. Setting up the Gear 11:21
6. Working with Your Subject for a Standard Headshot 15:43
7. Working with Your Subject for an Environmental Portrait 8:20
8. Import & Organize the Images 19:24
9. Post-processing Techniques in Lightroom Classic 27:50
10. Post-processing Techniques in Photoshop 18:35
11. Creating a Social Media Headshot 5:58
12. Wrap Up 00:50
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Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli is a working photographer, educator and author living in Florida. ​ ​After a successful career as a three-time, Triple Crown Karate champion, Vanelli turned his attention to teaching the visual arts. As an experienced educator, Vanelli has created several photography and digital workflow programs including Click for Kids.​ ​Currently he is teaching workshops, writing for Photofocus and creating educational content for Skylum and for the Vanelli and Friends series.