Point of View (POV) Photography Tips

Instructor Ace Noguera

What Is POV In Photography?

Point of View, aka POV photography is a technique where photographers find unique angles to produce creative photos that immediately attract the viewer’s eye. In this post, Ace Noguera gives you a rundown on essential POV photography tips.

Hey guys, welcome to the channel! For those who are new, my name is Ace Noguera and on this channel, we cover a wide range of video and photo topics to help you take your photos and video to the next level. And in this one, we are going to be talking about POV, which is a "point of view", and how you can use some cool angles to capture some really interesting shots just like the ones shown in the video.  

POV Self Portrait Extending Two Hands

So without further ado, let's go ahead and jump right into it and start with our first tip. Now, given the fact that we are talking about POV, generally what that means is it's going to be from a point of view or perspective that you are seeing so a lot of the shots you are going to see here in this post are going to include the person who is taking the photo if you will. So for example, here are a couple of shots to give you kind of an idea. Here in this one, in particular, you can see that person is holding both (or using both their hands) to hold the phone out in front of them. This is giving you a very cool perspective almost like a first-person view like you are that person. But you can also tell because they are holding the phone with both their hands that they're either having somebody else take the photo or have, for example, like a GoPro strapped to their chest or their mouth to give you that POV look.

Low POV Photo Technique

Another cool POV angle that you could try is shooting low. This could be putting the camera on the floor or something like that to kind of get images like these. It does make the objects you're photographing much larger than life because it is basically from the perspective of being on the floor, maybe looking up. As you can see, in the example in the video, it just really creates a unique perspective on the image you're trying to take.

Using A Wide Angle Lens For Great POV

Shooting in a wide-angle lens also allows you to add a lot more depth to your subject, for example, take this photo here. You can see that the background is in focus but there is quite a lot of depth simply because they have that POV view holding that cup in front of the lens as well. Now, these types of images are not only really fun but capture people's attention simply because our eyes are used to seeing a certain type of photo, a certain type of way so when we see something different like a POV or an extremely wide-angle shot, our eyes naturally tend to gravitate more towards that versus other images because it's something new and it's something different for our eyes to see.  

Well, guys, that is going to wrap up this post here. The next time you go out and shoot some photography, go ahead and try some of these angles and perspectives. Who knows, you may capture something you love! 


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