Plastic Slinky Photography Portrait Hack

Instructor Ace Noguera

Portrait Hack Ideas

We are going to be using a slinky to get some really cool shots just like these. So without further ado, let's go ahead and jump into it and I'm going to show you how.  So first off, I ended up buying a pack of slinkys so I had some colors to choose from. In this one,  you can see I am using a blue one and it is giving me shots like this.  

Try Different Shooting Angles

Now you can see, I am turning the camera just a little bit to get some more interesting angles and this provided some really cool results like the ones shown in the video.

Use Depth Of Field To Focus Correctly

In one shot, you can see I am pulling the slinky away every so often because my lens was actually having trouble focusing on the subject simply because there's so much slinky in the frame, that it is a little bit hard for the camera or the lens to judge where I want to focus so that maybe something you may need to do as well, just to make sure you're focused on where you want to focus. As I was shooting, I noticed that there's a little too much slack on the slinky so what I did is I had the model just kind of hold the majority of it so that I was able to pull it more and have a tighter look just like you're seeing here which provided much better results as opposed to the slinky just kind of dangling down and there be too much slack on it.


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