How To Get The Perfect Shot Of A Cup Of Water

Instructor Ace Noguera

Capturing Splashing Water On A Cup

In this course, I'm going to show you how to capture images showing splashing water in a glass of water. To capture this we're going to use a glass of water and a couple of other components to get some really cool shots of water splashing.

Using Diferent Components

To capture these shots I use three components; one of them being glass and then the next is the ice that we use to splash the water in this case I got fake ice but real ice can be used and then just to add a splash of color to the overall image I decided to use a slice of lemon.

Experimenting With F-Stops

Now that I have those components I decided to take a few test shots to see how the images would turn out. Now a couple of things I noticed one was that I was shooting too shallow so the depth of field was way too shallow we weren't getting a lot of the water splash in focus so I rose my f-stop to about 5.6 and now we were able to get a little bit more in focus as far as the water splashes go. One thing I noticed was a lot of the detail of the water was getting lost and that was simply because our background was too bright and there wasn't enough contrast so what I did was I brought out a backdrop that would allow a little bit more contrast to the images and this ended up working really well.

Using The Correct Backdrop

As you can see in the next shot there is a lot more contrast and now we're able to see way more detail in the water, now that everything is ready and dialed in I decided to bring in the lemon slice and a female model who is going to be holding the cup just to give some more leading lines to the photo and I am going to take a burst of shots each time I drop this lemon into the cup. As you can see in the video there I kind of missed and I hit the rim so we didn't get a splash there but I continued and we got a couple of images just like this now one of the cool things about this trick is the fact that you can get different shots every single time so it does make it quite interesting to continue to try and see if you can get a result that you like because you never really know what is going to be the outcome.


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