Learn How To Use Sparkles In your Photos

Instructor Ace Noguera

Long Exposure With Sparkles

Here's another fun creative photography video. In this post, I'm going to show you how to get some cool light trail shots using sparklers. You can pretty much pick these up anywhere these days and get some cool light trail shots like the ones shown in the video.

For the first shot, I got some sparklers and then I decided to use this little star wars figurine as my subject because I thought I could get some really cool light trails and add a kind of nice effect to it and as you can see here this was my first attempt and you can see with my left hand I'm actually hitting the shutter button and grabbing some shots continually as I move around the sparkler in different ways to kind of see what is providing the best result that I'm going for.

Light Trail And Bulb Mode With The Shutter

One of the fun parts about sparkles is that you get to play around and get creative and see what actually gives you the result that you're looking for so after those shots I realized something was missing and we weren't really getting a lot of contrast or fill light on our subject so what I did was I decided to pull out light and as you can see I changed the color it's a full RGB led light I changed the color to something that's more teal to basically complement the really warm tones and doing so I was able to get shots like this now we're getting much closer to the overall image that I was going for and now you can see I also changed my shutter to the bulb and what that means is the shutter will remain open as long as I have the shutter button held down so I was able to better control the shutter speed this way and get more shots.


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