3. An Overview of Speedlights

Instructor Levi Sim

3. An Overview of Speedlights
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Did you buy a Nikon Speedlight hoping to start making well-lit pictures, only to find the menus and buttons so confusing that it just sits in the box? In this course, you'll learn how to quickly set up your Speedlight for both on-camera and off-camera operation.

 You'll also find out how to set up your Nikon camera itself to make the most of the Speedlight—one of the most liberating photography tools you can buy. Levi Sim helps you master the controls, including the camera and flash modes, flash modifiers, and accessories, and creative options offered by a Speedlight: soft light, hard light, and bounced light. By the end of this course, you'll be able to make great light in any situation with your Speedlight. If you don't have one yet, you'll understand just what model is best for your needs and what features you'll use the most.


1. What You'll Learn in this Course 1:05
2. Which Speedlights Are Covered & Their Differences 1:28
3. An Overview of Speedlights 6:06
4. Quick Start 22:44
5. Taking Control of a Speedlight 23:03
6. Controlling & Shaping the Light 20:16
7. The Camera as Commander 12:12
8. Using Off-Camera Flash 1:03:15
9. Shooting with Speedlights & Workflow Tips 8:49
10. Wrap Up 1:01
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Levi Sim
Just like you, I’m passionate about my family and my work. You’re working hard to make your business stronger. You’re working hard to make your life better. The things that drive you are your passion for your family, your work and your life. We’re alike that way which is why I’m here to help you. My passion is making photographs that help tell your story. I want to make photographs that help you share your passion with the world. I want people to see you the way I see you. I know when they see your passion for life they will support you, too. Your business impacts a very important part of your world - your family. I feel the same way, and I’m thrilled to be able to help your business AND your family to thrive. I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with you and create images that help reveal your passion and define your goals to our community.